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Olympics Finally Close the Curtain

25/8/2008 - China

August 24th has been, and with it, the close of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The main event, the closing ceremony, brought viewers a very different feeling from the opening ceremony Ė farewell. According to data from AGB Nielsen Media Research, 80% of Chinese families watched this event.

Olympics: Martial Arts Entered Top 20 List

23/8/2008 - China

The audience ratings for the live broadcast of the Womenís Shadowboxing Finals, a martial arts competition, earned a place in the top 20 list at 1.02%. Although many did not expect martial arts performances to be broadcast live, the competitions received much support at noon. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, six martial arts events were broadcast by CCTV-2 including free-strike, boxing, fencing and shadowboxing

Olympics: Track and Field Tops the List for the First Time

21/8/2008 - China

The audience ratings for CCTV-1ís live broadcast of the Womenís Shot Put Finals topped the track and field ranking at 5.8%. The Semifinals of the 110m Hurdles Race and the Menís 200m Final also attracted a large audience as a result of the awe-inspiring performance from Bolt.

Olympics: Television Brought the Olympics to the Entire Chinese Population

20/8/2008 - China

Halfway through the 2008 Olympic Games, Chinese TV audiences are demonstrating strong interest in the competitions and events. Olympic programs on CCTV have drastically affected the behaviors of the Chinese viewers. Three specific trends emerged among Chinese viewers: first, equal attention from urban and rural audiences; second, the viewer rates peak during the day; and three, increased willingness to share these programmes with families and friends.

Olympics: The Chinese Gymnastic Team Performed Perfectly , 60% of Chinese Witnessed their Journey for 9 Gold Medals

20/8/2008 - China

The Chinese Gymnastic Team completed their tour of the Beijing 2008 Olympics with a new record. As the data of AGB Nielsen Media Research shows, nearly 60% of Chinese TV audiences witnessed their journey of obtaining 9 gold medals.

Olympics: Liu Xiang Quits Games with Sorrow, Audience Rate Dropped - Anticlimax

19/8/2008 - China

As Liu Xiang left the spotlight, the Chinese audiences turned away from televisions with depression and regret. From 11:00 on the morning of Aug 18th, the audience rate of Menís 110 Hurdles Race climbed high. At 11:55, Liu Xiang left the game hurt, and the audience rating dropped down in no time.

Olympics: Yao Ming Beat Eight Gold Medalist Phelps By Audience Rate

18/8/2008 - China

Phelps realized his dream of eight gold medals with the advantage of 0.01 second on August 17th. However, the Chinese audiences obviously paid more attention to Yao Ming. During the 4 preliminary stages of Chinese Menís Basketball, more than 44% of TV audiences watched the 4 games to witness the hardship that the Chinese basketball team went through, far more than the number of audiences watching Phelps on TV.

Olympics: 90% of Programmes on the Top 100 List are Olympics-Related

17/8/2008 - China

The 2008 Beijing Olympics have greatly affected the audiences of China; meanwhile, TV was pushing forward the audience activities to understand their focus of Olympic events.

Olympics: Chinese Womenís Volleyball team Maintained the Top Place , Ball Games Attracts more Male Audiences

16/8/2008 - China

The Chinese Womenís Volleyball team maintained their number one place in the top 10 list for TV ratings for the fourth time in their game on August 13th, becoming an audience rate legend in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. According to data from AGB Nielsen Media Research, male and female audiences show significant differences in their preference of Olympic Games coverage.

Olympics: Chinese Womenís Volleyball Team on Top of Audience Ratings List for Third Time

14/8/2008 - China

The Chinese Womenís Volleyball team climbed to the number one spot in the top 10 list for TV ratings in their game on August 13th, beating out the Menís football game that was aired in the same time slot.

Top 10 Channels viewed in China on August 12, 2008

13/8/2008 - China

Top 10 Olympic Events on Aug. 12

2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony

13/8/2008 - China

TV Ratings and Reach for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony for 21 countries where AGB Nielsen Media Research operates.

Womenís Volleyball Soars to the Top of Audience Ratings List, Gains Nationís Attention

12/8/2008 - China

Following their initial climb to the number one spot in the audience ratings list in their match against Venezuela on August 9th, the Chinese Womenís Volleyball team managed to maintain their first place rank through August 11th. On their road to claim the gold medal, the Chinese Womenís Volleyball team is gaining momentum, and is beginning to attract attention from all over the nation.

Audience Scale of CCTV Olympics Channels Grew by 40%

11/8/2008 - China

The live and replayed broadcasting of Olympics events by Chinaís state broadcaster, the CCTV Olympics channels, substantially increased TV audience viewing; total audience of CCTV-1, CCTV-2, CCTV-Olympics and CCTV-7 grew an astronomical 45% as compared to prior events (August 5th).

LiveRatings Launched in South Korea

7/8/2008 - South Korea

AGB Nielsen Media Research has globally launched LiveRatings, their innovative system for TAM data delivery, in South Korea on the 9th July 2008.

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