Nielsen Audience Measurement offers a fully integrated proprietary system, operated by a reliable supplier whose expertise includes:

  1. Panel Design, recruitment and management
  2. Hardware Research, development and production
  3. Data collection and production
  4. Comprehensive Analysis Software development

The Seven Steps of the Nielsen's TAM system guarantees the production of reliable, independent and transparent TAM data.


Establishment survey

Through the data collected by the Establishment survey, Nielsen Audience Measurement has a complete insight in socio-demographic structure, TV equipment in each household and TV stations coverage.


The Panel

The Panel is a statistical sample of the households in which the peoplemeters are installed. These households give us the statistical evaluation of the TV program audience which is the basis of TAM.



The Peoplemeter precisely registers activity in each second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and collects all the relevant information that is: which channel is being watched, by whom and on which TV set. The data is being stored in the peoplemeter's internal memory.


Data transmission

Each night, via the telephone lines or the specialized GSM connections and using the Nielsen Audience Measurement production software, the daily registered peoplemeter data is collected and stored.



Pollux is the heart of Nielsen Audience Measurement TAM system. It controls the fundamental process of TV audience data merging, validation and analysis. The result of this process is TV audience data base.



TV Events

Telepad is a software developed by Nielsen Audience Measurement which manages TV Event data base (programs, commercial breaks,...) by enabling data input and review in the data base "cleaning" phase.


Aplication softwares

Application software makes it possible to use and analyze the TV audience data base. The huge amount of detailed data makes it almost impossible to use written reports, unless the requested analysis is quite simple.