What we do

Our mission is to establish a common currency used by TV Stations, Media Planners and Advertisers for their advertising transactions.

What does this mean?

Nielsen TV Audience Measurement was established to determine the viewing behaviour of the New Zealand TV audience and thereby establish a 'rating' for each programme broadcast. This 'rating' becomes the currency that facilitates the purchase and sale of TV broadcast time.

How is this done?

In general terms, we survey a group of households across all major urban and rural areas of New Zealand about their television viewing habits.

We do this by connecting a peoplemeter to their TV. A peoplemeter is a little black box that records the electronic transmission signal being received by the TV. It then stores this information ready for automatic retrieval by telephone early the following morning.

Once the information is retrieved, it is collated and then distributed to TV Networks and other users on a daily basis.

Please visit the System section on our Corporate Website to find out how our system works.