As a member of our panel

The Simplicity

It is easy to register your viewing. The TV-meter only requires you to press your button on the remote control to indicate that you are watching the TV.


It is important to remember that we only find the measuring interesting on a demographic level, in other words population statistics. As a member of the panel you represent a certain group of people in society, for example with respect to age, sex or education. There are no analyses made at an individual level and no names are connected to the statistics.

Completely voluntary

Being a member in the Nielsen panel is not binding in any way and you may cancel your membership whenever you want to. However, we hope that you will stay with us for some time.

Chance to win big

We send out lottery tickets to the households that participate in our measurements. Households with a summer house can receive additional compensation if a TV meter is installed in the summer house as well.

How we measure

GTAM and Nano - the new generation of TV monitors

Nielsen's new modernized meter is more compact than ever before. The meter is connected to every TV in the House and collects data on who is watching, on what channel and platform (if the TV is used as a monitor for video games, DVD, computer, etc.).

When the meter is installed, a button number, on the remote, is assigned to every member of the household. When the TV is turned on, the household members who are in the same room as the TV-set show their presence by pressing the button number. When they leave the room, they press their button again to indicate that they are no longer watching. We define a viewer as a person in the same room as a switched on TV, even if they are not necessarily watching. It is therefore important to remember to login in order to get the correct viewing statistics.

The GTAM meter The Nano meter

Measuring digital units

More and more people use the internet, increasingly, to access entertainment and information. One example is the growing trend to watch the TV-channels play services online instead of watching on the TV-set. So in order to get a more accurate image of the media consumption in Sweden, we also use a Streaming meter to measure TV viewing on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Out of the entire internet traffic the meter can only see the URL the household visits, not the actual internet page. The software meter can only read the following information:

     The time you are streaming

     The unit you are streaming from

     The service you are streaming from

The meter cannot report any content from visited web sites or read any security classified internet information. This includes; usernames, passwords, account numbers, credit card numbers, email and social media or visits on security classified internet website (https:). Think of it as a GPS, it can tell where you are going but not your business there. 

The Streaming Meter connects to your modem using a cable. The meter also connects wirelessly to your household WiFi. By connecting to your household WiFi the meter can measure if you are streaming anything to the TV via a Smart TV, a video game console or using an internet streaming device (such as Chromecast, TiVo, AppleTV etc.)

The Streaming Meter will not have any impact on your household internet or Wi-Fi performance. The size of the data the meter collects and sends back to Nielsen is very small. In fact, over a period of an entire day, the amount of data the meter sends back to Nielsen is typically a lot smaller than a photo taken on a smartphone.

The Streaming meter


Your information is safe with us. We are keen on not revealing any sort of information that can be connected to any of our panelists. The private information we collect about the household will not be shared, revealed or sold to anyone outside of our working group. Our mission is to measure the viewership of the Swedish population.

We understand that integrity can play a major role for those who participate. Therefore, we do everything we can to protect your information and prioritize your safety. The measured data by the meter is encrypted using a method similar to the one banks use to make sure their information is secure. We only store the information for as long as it is required for our research and analysis purposes.