AGB Nielsen Media Research (AGB Nielsen istraživanje medija d.o.o.)

Nielsen Audience Measurement (AGB Nielsen istraživanje medija d.o.o.) specialises in measuring Croatian TV audiences using the TAM peoplemeter system. The company was founded in 2002 as a joint venture between the AGB Group and Puls, a local market research company. Our measurement system is accepted as market currency and is used daily by all relevant media people.

Our Mission

A television audience measurement (TAM) system is reliable because of the provider’s solid experience in TAM data production; it is independent because the provider operates from a position of neutrality, recognised by all market players; and it is transparent because every system component is comprehensible and accessible to qualified, market auditing. Our mission is to establish and maintain the national common currency used by TV stations, media planners and advertisers for their TV advertising transactions, based on a reliable, independent and transparent audience measurement system.

Television Audience Measurement

In almost every country around the world, television has become the dominant medium for information, commercial communication and entertainment. This has led to an ever-increasing need for broadcasters, advertisers and advertising agencies to access accurate, consistent and detailed information about TV audiences.

TAM is a specialised branch of media research, dedicated to quantifying (size) and qualifying (characteristics) this detailed TV audience information.

Increasing numbers of channels, multiple broadcasting platforms, increased numbers of TVs and remote controls per household continue to create a more complex TV environment. Within this dynamic environment, peoplemeters have proven to be capable of measuring audiences with a degree of accuracy and detail that surpasses previous alternative measurement systems.

The TAM system has proven itself as the most successful and precise method of collecting this type of information in Europe and worldwide. Its efficiency manifests in fast, minute-by-minute, daily data production, 365 days a year.

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Croatia)’s television audience panel is nationally representative and includes 810 households in which 1150 peoplemeters are installed.

The television audience panel represents the distribution of every type of household in all areas (the region), in order to preserve its representativeness. Every household is carefully chosen in order to represent all households with similar characteristics in the entire country and uses the most current and developed peoplemeter technology available.

Nielsen Audience Measurement (Croatia) offers a fully integrated and harmonised system. This system is led by people with extensive industry experience whose knowledge includes:

    ·        Panel design, recruitment and management;

    ·        Hardware research, development and production;

    ·        Data collection and production; and

    ·        Comprehensive analysis software development.