Software Packages

Media Smart Station (MSS)
This is a platform that integrates in a simple way several databases of audience media; measured by IBOPE AGB. The tool provides solutions that allow to developing innovative analysis used for the media strategy.

The station is a multimedia system that allows that one or many administrator coordinate access and software usage of the other users; facilitating the creation of groups with specific characteristics and centralizing the control in one administrator. MSS could easily adapt the users needs and offers the possibility of gave access to other analysis in the way that the groups and users necessities are growing.

MSS Media Quiz
Is used along with the ratings data base to run determined media patterns for the user in order to be analyzed later in the reach and frequency modules; the software provides to the user the advantage and benefits in an MSS ambience and engine.

Is a monitoring software that uses the adverting investment and competence database. Allows to check tv, radio, press and magazines advertising.

Is a system that works with the adverting investment and competence database. Ideal to make competence reports. Offers a great flexibility in search and trough its different modules is possible to found a complete set of information related to advertising activity in electronic media and press.

MSS Outdoors
Is a system that integrates audience information in workstations independents and synergetic. Is a tool that allows users to develop personalized target analysis and specific outdoors advertising sites; that could be visualized through Outdoors Map. 

Outdoors Map 
Is a tool that integrates information from the visibility evaluation of the Outdoors advertising sites that allows:

  • Evaluate each site in relation to the visibility; expressed in green or red seconds.
  • Create ad patterns of the evaluated sites
  • Had evidence in sequenced Pictures of the evaluated site.
  • Could analyze the evaluation of sites that has visibility in more than one avenue.
  • Had the location of one site trough Google.                                                                              
  • Possibility of locate interest sites within a territory.

Choices 3
It is a friendly software which exploits TGI data bases allowing the users to make cross tabs of information of different variables: demographics; psychographics of media and consumption to analyze up to 6 variables in their results layout. The software has advanced modules to conduct more in depth analysis such as: correspondence analysis, cluster, media planning for press media among others. Choices 3; is the perfect tool to analyze the market with a 360 degrees vision.